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  • Lead

  • Steel

  • Aluminum

  • Copper/Brass

  • Stainless Steel

  • Low Grade Scrap

  • Aerospace Alloys

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The following materials will NOT be accepted at our facility:

  • Asbestos or asbestos containing materials such as pipe insulation, acetylene tanks and surfacing material commonly found on I-beams, tanks, and other structural and demolition debris( 40 CFR§61.150).
  • Oils, gasoline, other petroleum products and antifreeze. This includes hydraulic fluids, gear oils, and grease. Hydraulic equipment must have hydraulic hoses removed and cylinders cut open and drained.
  • Items that contain or have contained PCB’s, including small capacitors, florescent light ballast, and electrical transformers or transformer components and paint( TSCA and 40 CFR §258 ) Transformers and transformer components may be accepted if properly drained and documented as “certified clean”.
  • Any type of paint container that has liquid in it. If the paint has dried in the container it will be accepted.
  • Any material containing hazardous or toxic substances.
  • Military scrap unless approved in advance
  • Explosives or explosive residues
  • Radioactive materials of any kind
  • Tires, dirt, yard debris, concrete, asphalt, glass, or similar non metals materials.
  • Computer monitors or televisions.

Each commodity has several different grades and pricing.


Contact a buyer for specifics.