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Industrial/ Commercial/ Manufacturers

Harding Metals specializes in recycling industrial scrap. Let us help maximize your scrap value while minimizing the process. We excel in creating recycling solutions for any type of business. We are big enough to get the job done but small enough to do it efficiently. Listed below are some highlights of our services:

How can we save you money with your cutting fluids?


Tungsten | Carbide | EDM Wire | High-Temp Alloys | Titanium | Ferrous/ Nonferrous Chips | Punchings | Turnings | Borings | Skeletons | Inserts | Bits

You Produce it – We handle it!

Scrap Dealer/Broker

Harding Metals can provide competitive pricing, honest and quick returns and speedy payments. We accept delivers, offer pick-ups/live loads and also have roll-offs and trailers available. Please call one of our buyers today and let us tell you what we can offer. We have the ability to get your loads settled and paid quickly so you can worry about buying more material.


Whether you are doing a home improvement job, a garage cleanup or trying to cash in some junk—We offer the best pricing and offer you a convenient place to deliver.  Harding Metals pays top dollar! We accept all types of scrap metal from the public, not matter the quantity.  Give us a call today for up to date pricing or any questions about sorting and maximizing your value.

Each commodity has several different grades and pricing.


Contact a buyer for specifics.