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Oil Recovery

Harding Metals Fluid Reconditioning Center

“Our customers are surprised by how much money we can save them with our fluid recovery program. Sometimes we even surprise ourselves!”

– Joe Harding
Vice President and co-owner of Harding Metals

At, Harding Metals we can recycling more than just unwanted scrap metal. We can extract your used fluid from metal chips and renew it for you. Neat oils and Machine coolant can be very expensive and by recycling your metals and fluid with Harding metals, we can save you money while incorporating a process that’s better for the environment. Please contact one of our sales rep to learn more.


We use several processes to extract cutting fluids effectively. This gives us capacities to work with larges or small lots and efficiently capture fluids for our renewal process. Starting with metal chips we can extract anywhere from 5% to 25% of the weight from fluid. From 100 pounds of chips we can recover 1 to 4 gallons of reusable cutting fluid after we revitalize it.

We are excited about what we do and a representative from Harding Metals would happily meet with you at your location for a no-obligation consultation. We will conduct needs assessment, evaluate your scrap management process, and recommend ways to improve efficiency and increase financial revenue.

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