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Our History

In 1957, Edwin K. Harding Jr. (1922-1983), went into business as the EK Harding Company in South Boston and started recycling copper, brass and other commodities from local business and the public.

Edwin was familiar with Northwood, NH because his family spent summer vacationing on Northwood Lake. Recognizing the strategic advantage of being located within 75 miles of Boston, MA and Portland, ME as well as the growing industries in Manchester, Concord and the Seacoast Area, Edwin moved his business to New Hampshire. It was incorporated under the name Harding Metals in 1963.

In order to concentrate on serving a higher number of industrial customers in the New England area, Edwin invested in a number of dumpsters and began providing a container service.

During the early 1970s, the markets for steel and copper reached record highs. Always quick to spot opportunity, Edwin began specializing in recovering copper wire and steel parts from electric motors. He established the first state-approved incinerator to burn copper wire and had a disassembly line that employed 90 people around the clock in three shifts becoming New Hampshire’s largest dealer of electric motors in the process. With Edwin’s passing in 1983, ownership of the company was transferred to his two sons, Edso and Joe. By consistently reinvesting in new equipment and the facility, while continuing to explore new market opportunities, Harding Metals has grown steadily in the years since to become the leading industrial recycler of scrap metal in New England today.


Edso and Joe have taken the business to new levels over the decades by focusing on excellence within their facility through safety, cleanliness, efficiency, equipment investments and a pledge to services. Harding Metals recognizes the importance of the services offered to their valued customers and has a team from top to bottom committed to providing the absolute best product available in the industry. Throughout the years Harding Metals has earned a reputation for integrity, quality and reliability.

The scrap metal recycling business has changed dramatically during the 50+ years we have been in business. New and exotic types of metals have come into mainstream use. Increasing public consciousness and growing concern for protecting the environment and the importance of recycling rather than discarding resources have transformed the ever-evolving industry. Throughout all those years, the one thing that has always remained constant is Harding Metals’ commitment to customer service.

Industry leading knowledge ensures the greatest financial return.

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